Director of Youth Ministry programs along with a team of Christian Education teachers lead a dynamic series of programs designed to educate and provide a secure and loving atmosphere for your children. There’s also a lot of fellowship and fun along the way! 

Youth Ministry Service at 11:00AM for grades 6 to 12
Our youth group is very lively, and one of things I look forward to is seeing their hidden potential come to life. From middle school to high school, we seek to learn more of God’s love through our own personal journeys as well as through each other in fellowship. During this critical time, I hope we can discover one of our key properties of identity, as being children of God, more than anything else we might call ourselves. 

We are continuously looking for ways to spend more time with God and with each other, from worship and bible study to games and programs. I would like for our youth group to be able to realize our church, the body of Christ, as our true home and place where we belong. Please join us on Sundays during worship and praise, and welcome to our family!