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홍성일 목사 Rev Hong, Sungil

연세대학교 금속공학과 졸업 (B.S)

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미네소타 주립대학 Computer Science 박사과정

Gordon-conwell Theological Seminary 졸업 (M.Div, Th.M)

맨체스터한인교회 Youth/청년부 전도사 

케임브리지한인교회 청장년부 전도사

뉴저지장로교회 부목사

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College Ministry


Sunday School and Children Ministry 

I am grateful for the opportunity to guide young minds to Jesus.  The Children’s Ministry at KUPC will seek to be a fun and interactive environment for learning about the Bible through crafts, plays and other Scripture based activities.



Youth Group Ministry

Trent Crofts
We are seeking to educate the youth both spiritually and biblically. At this point in their lives the youth are at an important point in their spiritual development.  We hope to nurture and develop their faith lives as they become more mature in their personal faith.  Through fun, learning, community, and prayer we seek to teach the youth about the transformative power of God.